General appearance

The American Akita is a big, athletic and harmonious dog. He has a heavy bone structure so has
an imposing appearance. He has small, dark brown eyes and the standing ears are rounded
triangles, which he inclines slightly forward. The American Akita is available in a wide range of
colors with or without mask. It is an easy to clean dog, however he does change his coat twice a
year. He is a confident and dominant dog. His character is friendly and attentive and he is loyal
and protective towards his family. He is a quiet dog who rarely barks and enjoys being with you,
a family dog that does not belong in a kennel. With good handling he is very versatile due to his
intelligent and curiosity. He responds to pressure and hardness with his legendary stubbornness.
The American Akita was used for hunting therefore he has a strong hunting instinct. He is not a
part time dog; his owner should have time available to keep him busy in a meaningful way.

The American Akita

Much has been written and reported about this particular breed, as you will have seen.
No need then for me to repeat this, only to comment about those topics that seem important
to me.


The Akita is no harder to train than any other breed, but he is different. There will always
be dogs in every breed that are easier to train than others. Therefore, I recommend that
every Akita buyer should attend a dog training school that offers suitable and adequate
training. The Atika is a special dog with its own character that can be developed rightly
or wrongly out of ignorance. The American Akita is a big, quick and powerful dog, he is
dominant and self-confident. Therefore sometimes he will ignore your commands. That brings
his legendary stubbornness into play. Being strict and hard with him achieves nothing; he
becomes deaf and starts acting the clown. But by building trust and with gentle persuasion
alongside the necessary determination we can achieve a lot.

Trust is the beginning of everything.

Watch him and learn how to understand him, do not try and humanize him. Learn his language,
which is the key to living together. I can assure you, he observes you and he will quickly
recognize who you are. One must be clear, first comes the family and then the dog for an
Akita has no problem accepting it is the last one in the Pack, especially if he has
detected that you are the boss. With time, patience and understanding you will enjoy a
wonderful, reliable and versatile companion. Many have already shown us that this can
be done. We can find the American Akita in many areas. They are suitable for therapy dogs,
rescue dogs etc.

The dogs really enjoy the walk and the trials of Man trailing.
Please bear in mind that the Akita is a hunting dog and so he should be engaged in hunting
type activities so he does not resort to real hunting through instinct due to boredom.

It is best to acquire him as a puppy and bring him into contact with other dogs at an
early age. By taking walks and hikes with like-minded people, he can play and let off
steam with other dogs. This positive impression is very important for you and him as he
learns social behavior and does not develop into a macho dog.
Then you should never hear the sentence: "An Akita cannot be around other dogs".

We have a dog club, where we meet with different breeds of all ages, including my Akitas,
who is free running and very popular, despite his slightly grittier breed,
so there you have it.


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