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Dog Owners Club

We are a group of dog lovers who like to do some things together.As dog owners we walk
out every day, so why should we not go for walks together? Our dogs can play with other
dogs (provided they are socially compatible) and we can also take the opportunity to exchange
experiences, learn tips and insights whilst possibly making new lasting friends.

Some games are not appropriate for our particular species of dog although many have
developed positive attitudes and are much more balanced and sustainable with other
dogs through our walking together.

We organize walks, hikes and other activities around our dogs such as Barbeques and Man Trailing.

Everyone is invited to take an active part, if you have an idea, just send mail to

For example Subject: hiking organized by Caro
Bregenz forest "Diedamskopf" 4-5 h.
at Saturday 2011-08-15
Starting 8 am at 88214 Obersulgen 4
Phone: 07520/9564930

We would enjoy welcoming many new dog friends with us.
Photos of our meetings you can find below dog club Photogalerie Rubrik Hundetreffen abgelegt.